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To use as many types of media, the assistance of industry experts and a distributor to facilitate the introduction of the book into the marketplace and sustain the momentum through the long haul. The author has a business degree in marketing and will utilize these skills to provide marketing opportunities via personal contacts, personal mailings, emails, telephone calls and other.

There are several Adirondack regional books for young adults but there aren't any geared toward grade school students. This book fills that void. Many Adirondack regional grade schools are spending some time and money in their curriculums on the Adirondack region. School libraries will be a primary target market. The Adirondacks boast many gift shops and museums. Wealthy people from Montreal, New York City, New Jersey and Pennsylvania vacation in the Adirondacks annually. The Adirondacks have become “the place” to vacation since 2001. The author will spend a lot of time personally contacting these gift shops and museums for sales, presentations and book signings. The recipes in the book will appeal to adults as they are very old original Adirondack recipes.

As stated above, there are very few Adirondack regional books for grade school children. The author has joined the Adirondack Center For Writing, the North Country Cultural Center for the Arts and the Lake Placid Center for the Arts. The author has been communicating with many regional children's book authors and is finding they tend to help each other out. There's a bond and the author intends to stay in contact with these published and accomplished authors

Here are some of the items to be used in the initial marketing of the book. More will be added as the author “learns the game”.

1. Press Kits - Both paper and on CD-Rom. When the author was discussing PR with her distributor, the author learned that most small town newspapers don't have book reviewers or the time to read a lot of press releases. What he's found that works best is to send them a copy of your book along with a computer disc. On that disc is a copy of the book cover, an author bio, and three descriptions of the book. One short, one medium and one a bit longer. All written material should be "copy and paste able". This makes it easy for the newspaper to just copy and paste the info into their paper, saving them time. They don't have enough time anyway and your odds of getting in their paper increase dramatically if you make it this easy for them.

2. Bookmarks, business cards, stickers, candy.

3. Stationary, note cards, invitations, sticky notes, postcards

The author will use newspapers (see above “Press Kits”), starting locally and expanding into Montreal, New York City, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Regional magazines will be targeted with book covers, excerpts and book reviews.

Local TV media including WPTZ-TV, Mountain Lake PBS, WHMT Productions, WCAX-TV. Radio interviews including WIRY and WAMC.

The author has already started an email list of over 100 names and will continue to add to this list. The author will email updates monthly.

The author has already established a web site, and will update it as needed.

The author is fully prepared to visit each and every Book Chain, Independent Bookseller, Museum and Gift Shop personally. She feels very comfortable doing this because she's owned her own retail business for over 16 years. She knows many of the regional business owners and has a good relationship with them. The book will be offered on and the author will participate in the Amazon Advantage program. Ingram, Baker & Taylor and North Country Press will be a distributors of the book. Barnes and will have the book for sale by the author.

The author has prepared a fun, exciting and educational school presentation and has a well-known photographer who will accompany her to these presentations.

1. Printing costs (QTY: 3,000) -- $2,500
2. Illustrator -- $0 (son did them for free for college application)
3. Posters for book signings--$100
4. Misc. expenses of publishing such as ISBN, etc.--$900 (already have block)
5. Minor advertising printing and postage costs--$250 (
6. Book design and layout--$0 (photographer friend did it for free publicity)
7. Editing and proofreading--$0 (regional editor did it for free)