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"Written by mother of two Rebecca Leonard and featuring numerous black-and-white computer-generated illustrations by her son Nick Leonard, Adirondack Nightmare: A Spooky Tale in the North Country is a Halloween adventure novel for young people new to chapter books. Enhanced with tasty original Adirondack recipes like "John and Mary's Best Michigan Sauce Recipe Ever" and "Caramel & Chocolate Covered Candied Apple Recipe", Adirondack Nightmare is goosebump-inducing treat from cover to cover. A great holiday mood-setting story for reading aloud chapter by chapter or allowing novice readers to immerse themselves in the spine-chilling joy of words."
~ Midwest Book Review

"Walking the thin line between ghost story and children's book can be a frightening situation. Too much tension can scare your audience away, and not enough won't entertain the older crowd. 'Adirondack Nightmare: A Spooky Tale in the North Country' strikes a good balance between the two and is easily readable as a quick, one-night bedtime story...(the book) delivers the goods for a family looking to wind down with a tall, creepy tale. And, though I won't ruin the ending, I will say that it won't actually leave anyone with nightmares."
~ Geoff Hayward, Adirondack Daily Enterprise

“From the start of this book we are in the unmistakably familiar territory of our Adirondack
region, with references to Raquette Lake, Ticonderoga, the Great Camps and others.
Rebecca Leonard has captured the flavor of our area and has even paused now and then, allowing
us to taste the literal ‘flavor’ of maple sugar cookies, candied apples and even a local version
of...‘michigan sauce‘!?
This Halloween story is truly one of ‘tricks or treats’. Adirondack Nightmare is generously illustrated by
young Mr. Leonard with line drawings, two dimensional figures, and darkly shaded artwork that suits
the eerie mood of this spooky tale.
Happy reading!”

~ Sid Couchey, Illustrator, Richie Rich, The Shadow comics

"Halloween Trick or Treat
In time for Halloween is a new book by Rebecca Leonard, titled: Adirondack Nightmare.
The short, fun read-aloud, takes place in Raquette Lake and tells the story of a young boy from Montreal who is foolish enough to break some taboos concerning the local graveyard while visiting the area for a few days.
The story begins with the protagonist saying, "My name is William Durant and it is October 31st, Halloween. As I stare out my dark window, seeing fewer costume children and hearing less laughter than usual on Halloween, I am overcome with remorse."
The young man is remembering and his remorse is based upon the warnings from the locals he did not follow when he was a few years younger than he now is.
The story goes on to tell of the mistakes he made and how those mistakes aggravated the local ghosts enough to raise them from their rest and frighten children to stay home on Halloween.
Included in the book and made part of the story is a sauce recipe for "michigan hot dogs," a recipe for caramel and chocolate covered candied apples and another recipe for maple syrup cookies. This could make for some fun in the kitchen as well as in the reading - as long as you don't stain the book with what you've been eating!
The author says this book is aimed at young readers, grades 2-5, and those young readers will certainly enjoy the helpful illustrations drawn by the author's 15-year old son, Nick."

~Peter Klein, Author, "The Vampire Valkyrie"

“I took the dare and I just might have to go to sleep with the light on tonight. It’s an
Adirondack tale that sends chills up and down my spine every time I read it. I just know it will do the
same for you. It is a real recipe for goose bumps. Not only is the story frighteningly delicious, but the recipes are
yummy as well. I can’t wait to read the next Adirondack Nightmare.”
~ Gordie Little, Radio Personality, Ghost Storyteller

I was born and brought up in Plattsburgh. I lived on "Fox Hill" (Johnson Ave.) and went to Our Lady of Victory High School (class of 1962). I am currently in Tampa, FL. A friend of mine recently returned from a vacation in the Adirondacks and brought me back an autographed copy of "Adirondack Nightmare." As I scanned through the book, my friend watched as my eyes lit up when I saw that the author was from Plattsburgh and on one of the pages was a picture of a michigan hot dog! I told him that the picture of the michigan brought back so many wonderful memories for me. I was in the Army for 29 years and would always return to Plattsburgh to visit family whenever we could. One of our first stops whenever we were back in town was Clare and Carl's michigan red hot stand. My mouth waters just thinking about it. My wife has a great michigan recipe, but we're going to try yours. Thanks for bringing back some memories of great times.
~ Chuck Bombard, Tampa FL

"Having...Rebecca and family here with the children was a great idea. Her presentation was very
well done and it was a joy to be able to hear her as she spoke so well. It was also a treat to watch
the children's responses to her and the situation. Congratulations to her and her son on their delightful
book and excellent presentation in which her husband and daughter also played a part."
~Florence Callahan, Retired Supervisor of Student Teachers at SUNY

“My daughter and I hunkered down one blustery winter night and as is our custom we had a
glass of milk and read a book. Fortunately, this night we chose to read a recently purchased copy of
‘Adirondack Nightmare‘. It was wonderful. The characters were interesting, the accurate references to the area
were very good and the suspenseful tone was fulfilling. I especially enjoyed ‘the spooky walk home from the diner . Some of my fondest childhood memories are of books I read as a child had a special kind of magic that keeps my joy of having read them alive to this day. I believe that for my daughter, this was one of those experiences. Easily one of the best ‘quick reads’ I've had in a long time.”
~ John Mitchell, President, Silver Lining Photography & Video

"The recipes do look good and interesting and I may have to try them out."
~Elysabeth Eldering, Book Reviewer, Armchair Interviews

"A good ghost story never stays on a bookshelf for long,
and younger readers will find plenty of... fright
fare in the pages of this quick-reading short story."

~Jennifer MacKay, Book Reviewer,